Posted by MBCA - Missouri Basketball Coaches Association on Apr 13, 2019 10:47:25 AM

The MBCA Mission has always been to promote basketball throughout the State of Missouri.We are doing this with over 1,400 members who are provided professional liability insurance through the MBCA, along with accolades for coaches, players and events. We also provide team rankings for all classifications (both girls and boys) weekly throughout the basketball season; we are the only organization in the state that provides this service.

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Posted by NHBCO - New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization on Apr 13, 2019 10:00:13 AM

The NHBCO has had an interesting year. After returning from the Raleigh, NC NHSBCA Convention, we got to work to putting together the largest coach’s clinic in the history of New Hampshire. We had coaches from all over New England attend the clinic and everyone got to see some great speakers headlined by Kurt Miller the Head Coach of the WNBA Connecticut Suns. Joining Coach Miller this year was Maureen Magarity from UNH, Paul Culpo from Castleton University, Charlie Mason from New England College, and Pat Quinn from NX Generation Athletics. The coaches in attendance really felt like this was an outstanding day of networking and gathering new ideas. One of the biggest reasons for improved attendance was the decision to move the clinic to the state capital Concord, NH. The central location was a hit.

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Oregon Points of Pride

Posted by OBCA - Oregon Basketball Coaches Association on Jan 23, 2019 4:13:04 PM
Oregon has a long history of great high school players and coaches along with excellent college basketball teams. With that said, high school coaches too often have felt that their voices were not heard, and we were losing control of the direction of interscholastic basketball. High school coaches were seemingly becoming “irrelevant” in the guidance and development of high school basketball players.
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Wisconsin Points of Pride 2018

Posted by WBCA - Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association on Jan 19, 2019 2:24:40 PM

It’s been another successful year thus far for the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association.  Please enjoy a visit to our website at www.wisbca.org to see all the special events we host. The result of many of these events are highlighted in the following paragraphs.  Please feel free to inquire about any of our happenings by contacting me at kjbarrett@viterbo.edu .

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Tennessee Points of Pride

Posted by BCAT - Tennessee Basketball Coaches Association on Jan 19, 2019 2:24:37 PM

The Tennessee Basketball Coaches Association currently has several things going on as this busy 2018-19 school year picks up steam. We continue to enjoy our sponsorship agreements with Baron Rings, PGC Basketball, and Dr. Dish – very excited about these solid relationships that continue to improve the “quality” of resource/opportunities for our membership. Our partnership with Dr. Dish allows us to give away a Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine to a BCAT member each year! Also, we have started to offer $500 scholarships to children, players, and managers of our member coaches. Plans to create a Tennessee Basketball “Hall of Fame” remains in progress, and we are continuing to send out weekly playbooks/notebooks to our coaches as we continue to look for ways to increase the value of our association for the Tennessee high school basketball community. We have also expanded our All-Star games – have 4 teams from around the state and play 2 games with each team. Finally, we maintain our solid relationship with the NHSBCA (National High School Basketball Coaches Association), relying on their support and expertise as our country moves into a new era of scholastic basketball.

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WIBCA Year in Review

The recent calendar year was a banner one for WIBCA and its member coaches and studentathletes. WIBCA, the Washington Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association was founded in 1974 and is the exclusive association of high school boys’ basketball coaches across the state of Washington. We are a non-profit organization and operate under the umbrella of the Washington State Coaches Association. Annually, the number of events, activities, and awards that WIBCA hosts, promotes and sponsors continues to get larger and larger, all in the name of providing services and benefits to our membership of coaches and their student-athletes. Some of 2017-2018’s highlights include record all-time membership, our six All-State games, Showcase event and our annual Hall of Fame inductions. We are in our second year at the All State games of not charging any of our 60 participants a fee to play in the games. Our sixteenth annual Showcase event in May brought 60 of the best high school basketball players in the state to Bellevue College for two days where they showcased their basketball talents while also gaining life skills along the way. College coaches from the Pacific Northwest came to watch and evaluate these players. Also at this year’s Showcase, WIBCA again promoted our Dribble, Shoot, Swish event that gave young people the opportunity to win money but more importantly to increase those funds by making an initial charitable donation on their behalf with their initial winnings. The Hall of Fame inductions held in Mountlake Terrace had a fantastic turnout and recognized three long-time head coaches from the high school and collegiate level, one assistant coach and two individuals each for their service and dedication to the sport of boys’ basketball in our great state. In July, WIBCA sent a group of four board members to the National High School Basketball Coaches Association meetings in Raleigh, North Carolina. For the past nine years, WIBCA has seen their membership in this association increase. Our role as a leading state association nationally continues to be significant while also being an association that is very well represented at these meetings. WIBCA provided two outstanding clinics this year, one in the fall in Yakima and one in the spring in Chelan for coaches to increase their professional development learning from outstanding coaches and basketball-related individuals while also having opportunity for coaching collaboration and networking. Our coaches across the state again stepped up and promoted our WIBCA vs. Cancer week at the end of January. Our donation total from a variety of events during the week continues to grow and grow as we near the $700,000 mark. Donations are made to local cancer charities in each high school programs community. The association, with the support of our members and in collaboration with the NHSBCA, made significant contributions to charities in Florida and Texas on behalf of their state basketball coaches association to assist those impacted by the Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina. WIBCA saw record sponsorship dollars come in this past year and because of this we were able to continue offering two $1,000 scholarships to deserving high school seniors. As we look forward to the future, 2018-2019 will be one of the busiest ever for our association. The recent changes that have been implemented by the NCAA for their Division 1 recruiting calendar now allows WIBCA to host and produce two first class events next June for our student-athletes to be showcased and evaluated. WIBCA is very proud of what we do for coaches and student-athletes and is humbled by the participation and support for our association by so many individuals. Over the past 45 years now WIBCA has grown and grown into the proud and great association we are today and following up next year with another outstanding one we will be even stronger one in the future.
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Florida Basketball Coaches Association Points of Pride

Posted by FABC - Florida Basketball Coaches Association on Jan 19, 2019 2:24:30 PM

The Florida Basketball Coaches Association was started in Orlando at a meeting of Central Florida head coaches / organized by Coach Ed Kershner in the Fall of 2009

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Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Points of Pride

Posted by IBCA - Illinois Basketball Coaches Association on Jan 19, 2019 2:24:26 PM

The IBCA is excited for the start of the 2018-19 school year. We have had a lot going on in our great state of Illinois - with the IBCA in particular. Last year, the IBCA began the “Century Club” recognition for our coaches. Another initiative that we began was the Program Victories Milestones. Twenty-one programs throughout the state were recognized for total program wins throughout their school’s history. We also recognized “Organizations of the Year”. The inaugural winners of this award were the Centralia Holiday Tournament, the Pontiac Holiday Tournament, and the DeKalb/Chuck Dayton Holiday Classic. It is so important to the IBCA to continue to recognize and highlight our great coaches, programs, and organizations throughout our state every year! More information can be found on our website.

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Iowa Basketball  Coaches Association Points of Pride

Posted by IBCA - Iowa Basketball Coaches Association on Jan 19, 2019 2:24:23 PM

Good things are happening in Iowa with the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA) -

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Maine Association of Basketball Coaches

Posted by MABC - Maine Association Basketball Coaches on Jan 19, 2019 2:24:20 PM

Maine McDonald’s All-Star Weekend continues to be the focal point of the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches. This showcase event has grown steadily throughout the years and now includes all-star team practices, a formal awards banquet, and all-star games. Students athletes are recognized for their prowess on the court and in the classroom. Coaches of the year are recognized as well. In recent years, the MABC has established a new award entitled The Spirit of the Game. The award recognized players who have overcome substantial obstacles in their pursuit of their basketball dream. In 2009, CBS Sports feature this award presentation as part of their pre-game show for the men’s final four in Michigan. Jason McElwain, of ESPN fame, was on hand to make the presentations. The award has gone on to become a truly inspirational moment of each year’s banquet.

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