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May 2017 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:20:44 PM

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Hope that this message finds you doing well and after a enjoyable and restful spring. With summer just around the corner I hope many of you are looking at your calendar and have already, or will be very soon, making your reservations and commitments for the 2017 NHSBCA national meetings. I recently attended our biannual WIBCA coaching clinic in Washington. At this clinic we heard from outstanding clinicians that presented important and useful information for the betterment of every coach in attendance. Why do I mention this? For those of you that are your state leaders or part of the leadership team for your state basketball coaches association there is no better place to be than Indianapolis on July 11th-13th! The information that will be presented, the collaboration that will take place, the idea sharing among colleagues and the decisions that will be made will only make you as a leader stronger and your association that much better. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Senior Director of Operations and NABC Board Member - Dave Archer – New York

Dave Archer indicates the Spring meeting of the NABC focused on the mock selection and seeding process of the NCAA Tournament. The NABC members are looking for clearer guidelines into the selections of teams that make the NCAA tournament. The NABC and the NCAA Joint Rules Committee has been discussing their survey results. The committee is also focusing on student-athlete days off both in-season and out-of-season, time-management legislation, graduate student eligibility and scholarships. The number of of D-I transfers increased again this year and is of concern.

Dave Archer recently attended the Jr. NBA Youth Basketball Leadership Conference (May 12 & 13 in Chicago) representing the NHSBCA and the Basketball Coaches Association of New York. The website for the JR NBA is jr.nba.com. Coach Archer was very impressed with this organization and the overall presentation and professionalism of the conference. The JR NBA principles are aligned closely with USA Basketball (training for coaching certification, etc.) The conference included a number of outstanding and credible speakers. Discussions included sport injuries, opposition to sport specialization, philosophy of youth sports and coaching, opposition to the national rankings and rating of youth players until nearing high school age, as well as other topics. The JR NBA is planning for the conference to become an annual event. Dave Archer is reaching out to the JR NBA leadership on behalf of the NHSBCA to be aligned with or partner with their organization. Plans are in the works to invite them to the 2018 NHSBCA summer meetings.

Building the agenda for the 2017 summer meetings in Indianapolis has been a big focus of Mr. Archer. The surveys filled out recently by NHSBCA membership has been vital in driving the agenda process. Further communications with the executive and overall board will be coming in the near future. He is currently working on “Position Papers” over many issues in the game of basketball. These positions (such as the shot clock and others) will hopefully serve as a Road Map of Amateur Basketball in the US and for our organization. State leaders will be asked to share their position and ideas on certain issues in the near future. From this input “positions” Dave Archer and other Executive Board members of the NHSBCA will compile and formulate the “Position Papers” for our organization. These positions will each be discussed again prior to everyone arriving in Indianapolis. At the Conference this summer each item will be discussed and then finalized in Indianapolis in July. From there these “Position Papers” will then be shared with other basketball leaders and decision makers.

Secretary/Treasurer - Dave Ginsberg – Michigan

Dave Ginsberg continues to work on putting the booklet together for the Indianapolis Summer Meetings. The booklet will reference the “Points of Pride” section that is on nhsbca.org and each member state has/or soon will be contributing to. The finishing touches of the booklet include the agenda and the directory of conference attendees. In his conversations with state leaders, Dave Ginsberg has indicated that he expects Tennessee and Arizona to be back in attendance at the summer meetings. We all look forward to seeing them in Indy. He also continues with the treasury work with the NHSBCA.

WBCA Information – Renee Turpa – NHSBCA Exec. Board Member – Indiana

Renee Turpa (Indiana) indicates that what the WBCA wants most with their relationship with our organization is to increase membership. Danielle Donehew (WBCA President) is expected to reemphasize this when she meets with Executive Board on the July 11th in Indianapolis. Danielle Donehew wants to model the WBCA and NHSBCA relationship upon what the NHSBCA has with the NABC. The relationship pieces between the NHSBCA and the NABC will be presented to her at this meeting.

The NHSBCA Executive Board is also looking for ways to assist Renee at upcoming Final Fours. The 2018 Women’s Final Four is in Columbus and Tom Barrick of Ohio has indicated that the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association will provide assistance. Possible further assistance will be discussed at our summer meetings.

Court of Honor - Chris Nimmo – NHSBCA Vice-President - Missouri

In Indianapolis Dave Ginsberg (Michigan) and George Conant (Maine) will be inducted into the NHSBCA “Court-of-Honor”. Chris Nimmo will handle introductions and Rich Czeslawski (Illinois) will handle the rest of the program. Tom Barrick (Ohio) will be putting together the booklets for the “Court of Honor” program and Steve Witty has ordered the plaques for the honorees. .

NHSBCA Summer Meeting Preparation - Nalin Sood - NHSBCA President - Washington

NHSBCA President Nalin Sood and many members of the executive board have been working on compiling speakers and speaking agendas for the summer meetings. This list of speakers will and may include Danielle Donehew (WBCA), Kevin Pauga (Michigan State University), Jay Demmings (USA Basketball), Pete Bryden, a National Federation representative, Coaches vs. Cancer representative, Scorebook Live and possibly others.

Nalin and Steve Witty have been working together on organizing videos and questions that attendees of the summer meetings will be filming this summer in Indy. Steve has been coordinating with Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis to film these videos. Nalin is organizing questions and areas of questioning that board members and executive board members will be asked during these interviews.

Indiana and Steve Witty have shirts that will be distributed to attendees in Indianapolis and Rich Czeslawski has created an online store offering NHSBCA gear at very reasonable prices. This online store is open to all state leaders. the apparel will be delivered to Indianapolis and waiting for attendees upon arrival.

Criteria for hosting future NHSBCA summer meetings will be sent out soon to member states as the site for the 2018 summer meetings will be decided in Indianapolis.

Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call – June 11th, 2017 / 8 pm (Eastern)

Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association matters as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally.

NHSBCA Executive Board – Nalin Sood (President - Washington), Dave Archer (Senior Director of Operations – New York), Chris Nimmo (Vice President – Missouri), Rich Czeslawski (Director of Development and Communication), Don Logan (Past President – Iowa), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer - Michigan), Tom Barrick (Ad Hoc Board member - Ohio), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member and WBCA liaison – Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus - North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board member Emeritus - Indiana), and Tom Hursey / Board member Emeritus - Michigan).


Written by NHSBCA