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August 2017 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:21:00 PM

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I hope that this letter finds each of you doing well after a summer of family time, relaxation and obviously hoops! I do hope it was in that order ! As most of us have already kicked of the 2017-2018 academic year and are beginning to get our student-athletes back together and doing early planning for this upcoming season, let us each take time to pause and reflect on our basketball friends in Texas and Florida and the challenges that they are facing. I know each of you is keeping them in your thoughts and prayers as they recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma. The NHSBCA, thanks to the generous help of many states, is donating funds to both states through recommended charities to show our support! Good wishes to our friends in those respective states. Since our 2017 summer meetings, the executive board has already been working away for this upcoming year. We took many of the ideas, suggestions and concerns that were brought up at our summer congress and our doing our best to address each of them over the next several months. For those in attendance this summer, we appreciate your attendance and contributions at the meetings. The feedback was very positive but also areas that we can improve on for the future and improve we will. Myself, in addition to collaboration with our executive board, has come up with 12 goals for the 2017- 2018 year. These goals, through tweaking, adjusting, and editing were developed from many basketball related topics that our association is dealing with on an almost daily basis. It is the hope that we will address each of them over the next year so that our association continues to become a stronger and even more powerful voice while representing high school basketball coaches across this great country! My best to you this year and if I can be of any service to you, please reach out to me at any time

Recap of Summer Meetings in Indianapolis - NHSBCA President Nalin Sood – Washington

President Sood has shared with the executive board of the NHSBCA and reviewed himself the surveys of responses from members in attendance at the summer meetings in Indianapolis. The problems with room-set were well heard by President Sood and other members of the executive board. These problems will be resolved as we move forward in preparation for next summer in North Carolina. Everyone is excited about having the awards luncheon on the second day next year, instead of its traditional time slot in the evening. Nalin and Greg Grantham (North Carolina) are already in preparation for next summer’s meetings. Attendee responses from this past summer will guide this preparation process.

Nalin Sood has also recently been appointed to the Sports Medicine Commission of the National Federation of High School (NFHS). This appointment will include two meetings per/year in Indy. He will be a voting member for 8 million students. The NHSBCA hopes it is making progress on eventually having the NHSBCA involved with the National Fed Basketball Rules Committee.

WBCA Report - Renee Turpa - Indiana and Tom Barrick - Ohio:

Tom Barrick and Renee Turpa are hoping for 200 high school coaches to be in attendance at the WBCA EXPO and high school day which will run in conjunction with the 2018 NCAA Women’s Final Four held in Columbus, Ohio. The NHSBCA and state associations will be marketing this expo to members in the coming months. The Columbus Sports Commission is also working with Coach Barrick to assist with the event.

Director of Communications Report - Rich Czeslawski – Illinois:

Rich Czeslawski has put together a Growth Plan to help the NHSBCA become more attractive to potential sponsorships and to become more attractive to members of the NHSBCA. All members of state coaching associations, whose association is a dues paying member to the NHSBCA, is automatically a NHSBCA member. However, many states association members are not in the NHSBCA email database, thus making the NHSBCA less desirable to potential sponsors. The first step of the growth plan is to have a membership drive. As was asked in Indianapolis, NHSBCA member states were asked to share their email lists. These lists will never be shared with 3rd parties. The purpose of the growth plan is for the NHSBCA to gain financial solvency. Once members emails are received, members will soon have access to a members only site on nhsbca.org with many goodies for coaches free of charge. This members only section will continue to grow as well. Peak Performance (a presenting sponsor in Indianapolis) is among those adding some things for our membership in the members only section. States may want to wait until “membership drives” are through, but we can accept last year’s membership lists to get everything going. We need “names on the database” to show potential sponsors we have a large number of emails to gain products and benefits for state associations and members of state associations , as well as NHSBCA members. For example various organizations give members discounts on rental cars, hotel discounts, etc. We want to get to this level to provide these types of benefits to our membership.

Rich has also been finishing up the videos that those in attendance in Indianapolis made. He is also adding pictures from the summer convention in Indianapolis as well as a “Court-of Honor Link” to the website.

Senior Director of Operations and NABC Board Member - Dave Archer – New York

Dave Archer has been in contact with Jay Demings of USA Basketball about the NHSBCA becoming aligned with USA Basketball and Jr. NBA. In his conversations it was suggested the process takes a little time. With this in mind the NHSBCA executive board voted unanimously to start the process to become an associate member with USA Basketball. Dave Archer and Nalin Sood will lead this process. Coach Archer is very happy about the accomplishments made at the convention, especially those made in regards to the “position papers” He will be sending out those that were completed and passed along with “Fair Treatment” “Landscape” piece that he is currently working on completing. 

Dave Archer brought up a request from Coaches vs. Cancer wantin the NHSBCA to endorse as their organization as “the choice for NHSBCA for charities”. After discussion by the NHSBCA Executive Board, it was decided that we would endorse Coaches-vs-Cancer as “a choice of the NHSBCA for charities”. We cannot disclaim all the other wonderful groups that are raising money for good causes all over the country. We support Coaches vs. Cancer as an organization along with many others. We will not pick just one organization and shut off other terrific groups who also do great work and are supported by our member state coaching associations.

Secretary/Treasurer - Dave Ginsberg – Michigan:

Dave Ginsberg has been busy with expense reports and paying the last bills from Indianapolis. He indicates that eleven states have paid dues for 2017-2018. He will be adding head shots along with NHSBCA Executive board bios for the booklets next summer in North Carolina. Coach Ginsberg has been in contact with Colorado and their coaching associations. Like some other states, the Colorado coaching association is under the umbrella of their overall state activities association. He has been in contact with Tim Hammond & Bill Hanzlik from the Gold Crown Foundation and they have expressed interest in the NHSBCA.

Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call – Monday September 18th, 2017 / 8 pm (Eastern) Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association matters as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally

NHSBCA Executive Board – Nalin Sood (President - Washington), Dave Archer (Senior Director of Operations – New York), Chris Nimmo (Vice President – Missouri), Rich Czeslawski (Director of Development and Communication), Don Logan (Past President – Iowa), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer - Michigan), Tom Barrick (Ad Hoc Board member - Ohio), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member and WBCA liaison – Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus - North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board member Emeritus - Indiana), and Tom Hursey / Board member Emeritus - Michigan).


Written by NHSBCA