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April 2017 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:20:28 PM

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The NHSBCA has been working away since the end of the 2017 basketball season gearing up for our upcoming summer meetings in Indianapolis.  All state high school basketball association leaders from across the United States recently received an email with pertinent hotel information in addition to two surveys that gauged specific topics/subjects that they would like to see addressed in Indianapolis. We appreciate the time that many of you spent responding to the survey and also letting us know who and how many representatives from your state will be attending this year. For our planning purposes and our goal of making the meetings as beneficial as possible your timely responses are much appreciated­thank you!! As the spring heats up so does the wide range of topics and issues many of us deal with within our own states.  To address all of them we would need a much longer conference but we are doing our best to collate your feedback and determine the key and most common issues that we should focus on.  Those that will be in attendance in Indianapolis will find out that many of the issues each of us are dealing with within our own states parallel those other states are facing or also have dealt with previously.  Collaborating and idea sharing is always a part of our meetings and will be again this year. The partnerships we have forged and continue to with sponsors and various basketball associations also will make sure that the time we spend together is relevant and beneficial to our role as leaders of state basketball associations and the high school coaching profession. Whether it is the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, USA Basketball, National Association of Basketball Coaches, etc. we are continuing to reach out to our coaching colleagues and partners to make sure we put on a first class event this summer.  If myself or any of our board members can answer any questions or be of any service please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Hope  your  spring  is  going  well  and  that  you  are  finding  time  to  enjoy  family  and  friends.

Senior  Director  of  Operations  and  NABC  Board  Member  ­  Dave  Archer  –  New  York

Dave Archer with the help of Greg Grantham continues to work on the agenda for the summer meetings. State leaders recently received a survey on possible topics for sessions at the summer congress. These surveys will be used to drive the agenda for these meetings. Possible guest speakers including Jay Demings with USA Basketball, a National Federation speaker, Pat Fitterer with AAU – he will be in Indy already representing Washington, NCAA reps, among others. Please fill out these surveys to help drive this process. Ben Davis High School, under the instruction of Steve Witty,  Nalin  Sood,  and  Dave  Archer  will  be  set  up  for  video  work  at  the  July  meetings.

Secretary/Treasurer  ­  Dave  Ginsberg  –  Michigan

Dave Ginsberg continues to rave on the success of the “Points­of­Pride” updates on the NHSBCA website. Michigan and Missouri are the latest states to post on these “Points­of­Pride.” Coach Ginsberg has also started the registration process for the Indianapolis summer meetings. State leaders recently received emails with instructions to register for the convention and hotel. Dave also  continues  to  recruit  new  states  to  our  organization .

2017  NHSBCA  Summer  Convention  –  Steve  Witty  ­  NHSBCA  Exec.  Board  Member–  Indiana

Indiana (Steve Witty) is providing NHSBCA t­shirts this year for all attendees. Rich Czeslawski & Don Logan will get prices for special NHSBCA gear. Ordered gear may be shipped to Indianapolis and  handed  out  at  the  convention.  Everything  is  good  for  July  in  Indianapolis.

WBCA  Information  –  Renee  Turpa  –  NHSBCA  Exec.  Board  Member  –  Indiana

Renee was the “youth group” facilitator at the recent Women’s Final Four in Dallas. Attending coaches were charged $50 to attend this session lasting from 9:30­3:30 (included lunch). This included four speakers (2 from college & 2 from high school). Attendees were charged a reduced rate of $190 to attend the WBCA Clinic if they also attended the “youth” sessions. The WBCA is looking to increase its number of high school members. Currently there are 298 high school members with the WBCA. This will be a topic addressed this summer when Danielle Donehew meets with the NHSBCA Executive Board in Indy. More on Renee and the WBCA will be shared in upcoming newsletter and at the  NHSBCA  Congress  in  Indianapolis.

Final Four Business ­ Greg Grantham – NHSBCA Exec. Board Member – North Carolina and Rich  Czeslawski  –  NHSBCA  Exec.  Board  Member  ­  Illinois

Greg Grantham of North Carolina facilitated the high school meetings at the NABC Convention in Phoenix. 18­20 states were represented. Items discussed at the high school meetings included implementation of the shot clock, playoffs (number of rounds, who makes playoffs, seeding of playoffs, etc). Coach Grantham and Coach Czeslawski both promoted the attending of the summer meetings in Indianapolis for attendees whose states are members of the NHSBCA and also promoting joining of the NHSBCA for non­member state attendees. Rich Czeslawski ran the High School Social in Phoenix. He says that attendance compared to past Final Fours was much lower. Attendance at the NHSBCA booth at the Convention Center for the Final Four also had fewer people stopped by than in previous years. The NABC Clinic in Phoenix also had fewer attendees. Both Rich and Greg expect attendance in San Antonio (2018) to be much higher in attendance than Phoenix. A special thanks to Pure Sweat, Krossover & Sportsables for covering the cost of NHSBCA events at the  Final  Four  in  Phoenix.

Court  of  Honor  ­  Chris  Nimmo  –  NHSBCA  Vice­President  ­  Missouri

Dave Ginsberg (Michigan) and George Conant (Maine) will be inducted into the NHSBCA “Court­of­Honor” July 12th in Indianapolis. Congratulations to both of these fine coaches and contributors  to  our  national  organization  and  their  respective  state  organizations.

Next  NHSBCA  Executive  Board  Conference  Call  –  May  21st,  2017  /  8  pm  (Eastern)

Note:  The Execuve Board of the NHSBCA conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss associaon maers  as  they  relate  to  the  beerment  of  this  associaon  and  its  members  naonally.

NHSBCA Execuve Board – Nalin Sood (President ­ Washington), Dave Archer (Senior Director of Operations – New York), Chris Nimmo (Vice President – Missouri), Rich Czeslawski (Director of Development and Communication), Don Logan (Past President – Iowa), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer ­ Michigan), Tom Barrick (Ad Hoc Board member ­ Ohio), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member and WBCA liaison – Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus ­ North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board member Emeritus ­ Indiana), and Tom Hursey / Board member Emeritus ­ Michigan).


Written by NHSBCA