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January 2018 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:21:18 PM

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope that this finds each of you doing well and getting back to a bit of normalcy after a great 2017 holiday season and break. Many of you may be dealing with some challenging weather situations in your states and areas and we want you to know we are thinking about you and your families-stay safe!

As we move forward and into 2018 the NHSBCA Executive Board has already conducted our first monthly conference call and subsequently been having many communications as we plan for the year ahead. The 2018 Congress meeting will be taking place in North Carolina this year starting in the AM of Wednesday, July 11th and wrapping up on Friday, July 13th. For those of you that come in on Tuesday night we will have an informal event planned for us to get together-FYI. Each of you will be soon receiving a survey to assist us in the planning and structure of the meeting and sessions. Our goal is always to make this event beneficial to you and provide information and thoughts that you can take back for the betterment of you state association.

Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to review our five position papers that came out from last year’s meetings while also reviewing our important document on the “Youth Basketball Landscape”. If you have not received these please contact me and I will make sure I get them to you. For those of you currently coaching your teams this season, good luck as we wind down the regular seasons. Hopefully you have had time to reflect on the good you do as a more than just a “basketball coach” but more so as a mentor, role model and mostly a positive influence in the critical stage of young person’s lives. I heard a great quote from the retiring voice of the University of Washington football and basketball games, Bob Rondeau, that has stuck with me and I would like to share:

“Don’t ever wish for the speedy passage of time. Just don’t. It’s the most valuable thing you can have. Good, bad or indifferent. Savor the time.”

Best to each of you.

Nalin Sood

President, NHSBCA

Senior Director of Operations and NABC Board Member - Dave Archer – New York

Dave Archer has been taking part in weekly conference calls with the NABC. These conference calls focus on the “current basketball landscape” in America. The “Amateur Landscape” document written by Dave Archer and the NHSBCA (possessed by USA Basketball, NABC, Jr. NBA, the National Fed, etc.) has been wonderfully received. Greg Grantham (North Carolina) has spoken with Davis Whitfield (Chief Operating Officer of the NFHS) about the document. The National Fed. wants to have a role in this basketball “realignment” in America, as proposed in the document. The reaction of the “Amateur Landscape” document has been very enthusiastic. This document was shared also with state coaching associations leaders who are members of the NHSBCA as well.

According to Coach Archer, many people in “policy-making positions” have been very surprised about what was going on in recruiting game before the recent NCAA scandal broke. The hope of Dave Archer and the NHSBCA, as indicated in the document, is for a bigger role for scholastic coaches in the recruiting process of young athletes. The document is helping open people’s eyes in the recruiting process. Condoleezza Rice’s “Commission” has a copy of the “Amateur Landscape” document and it is being discussed in the NABC meetings, as well as with other basketball groups.

Senior Director of Communication - Rich Czeslawski – Illinois:

Rich Czeslawski has been working hard on the new members’ portal of the NHSBCA website (nhsbca.org). The portal is almost ready to go, it just needs to be populated. Discussions have been underway on how to give members of the NHSBCA access to this members only portal. Many states have submitted their state association members list to Rich and access will soon be given to those members/states. Discussion is ongoing with the NHSBCA Executive Board. More info on this will be shared with state leaders as the members only portal becomes fully operational.

Rich Czeslawski and other NHSBCA Executive Board members have been working with USA Basketball on their alignment with the NHSBCA. Rich has submitted, and we are on our way to becoming “official” partner with them. This was discussed during our summer meetings in Indianapolis. Some new links on our website can be found regarding some videos from Indy, as well as updated “Court of Honor” content.

Secretary/Treasurer - Dave Ginsberg – Michigan

Dave Ginsberg has been sending dues reminders out to member states. He has also stated Phase #2 of the “Points of Pride” updates. There are currently have 6 states on webpage with phase 2. Ohio’s contributions will be coming in soon as well.

2018 NHSBCA Summer Convention – Greg Grantham - NHSBCA Exec. Board Member– North Carolina

Preparations continue for the Summer Convention in North Carolina, July 11, 12, 13 (Wednesday-Friday). Initial preparations on the agenda are underway. This summer the Awards Banquet will be a luncheon to allow for socializing in the evening. Coach Grantham has been working hard with the Sheraton in Raleigh on rooms, meeting rooms and other preparations. He has also been working with the basketball offices at North Carolina, Duke, and NC State. He believes it is a strong possibility of visiting & touring all three basketball facilities. He is working on transportation means and options on these visits. More information will be forthcoming in future newsletters. President Nalin Sood will be sending out a survey (like last year) to state leaders to help provide direction for the NHSBCA Executive Board as we prepare Agenda for NC Convention

WBCA Information - Renee Turpa – NHSBCA Exec. Board Member – Indiana

The WBCA and the NHSBCA have recently went into an agreement on partnership. As part of the agreement the NHSBCA will be providing assistance at the WBCA Final Four high school day each year. Teresa Waters (Maryland) and Renee will be in Columbus this year, as will Tom Barrick and Dave Ginsberg. All four of these NHSBCA members will be assisting with this event. The NHSBCA will also be helping next year with this event in Florida. As part of the agreement the NHSBCA is hoping to get Renee on the board of the WBCA in the near future.

The WBCA has not committed to attending our NHSBCA convention each summer, due to scheduling issues within their organization. Their summer meetings are scheduled for similar times as our summer meetings. The organization however may be open to a Skype call with us. The current agreement with the WBCA runs until August 31, 2019.

Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call – February 11, 2018 / 8 pm (Eastern)

Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association matters as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally.

NHSBCA Executive Board – Nalin Sood (President - Washington), Dave Archer (Senior Director of Operations – New York), Chris Nimmo (Vice President – Missouri), Rich Czeslawski (Director of Development and Communication), Don Logan (Past President – Iowa), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer - Michigan), Tom Barrick (Ad Hoc Board member - Ohio), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member and WBCA liaison – Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus - North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board member Emeritus - Indiana), and Tom Hursey / Board member Emeritus - Michigan).


Written by NHSBCA