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September 2018 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:21:36 PM

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President’s Message
It is my distinct pleasure to serve as the president of the NHSBCA. The shoes I am filling are very large. Past President Nalin Sood did an outstanding job in his two years, just as his predecessors did before him. I, and our entire association, am grateful for all of their efforts and we look forward to the guidance they will continue to me and our entire board. I am very thankful that most of these individuals continue to serve on our executive board. Their guidance and expertise can never be overlooked. We enter into an important time with the new June Recruiting Period coming our way. This is a great opportunity for our national association and individual state associations to put on great products and move closer to high school coaches reestablishing prominent roles in the recruitment of high school players. Information on the June Recruiting Period will be coming your way in the coming weeks. Rest assured that our executive board has been hard on work on this project.
I have outlined several goals for our association over the coming year. Many of these goals are driven by our discussions from our summer meeting in North Carolina. These include: Plan, coordinate, finalize, organizing and orchestrating the June NCAA Recruiting Events.
Work with state coaching associations, state activities associations from all 50 states, NFHS, the NCAA, USA Basketball to oversee and run and June recruiting events throughout the country.
Finalize deals with LUCEO for our website to increase perks for states and individual membership.
Increase the number of dues paying states for our association - this is a great time to increase our membership.
Increase our presence at national events - Finals Fours and other basketball related events.
Continue the “Points of Pride” section of the website.
Increase revenue for the national association with the intent of helping state association in this as well through LUCEO.
Become more and more transparent within our organization, especially financially.
Please know that I am all ears when it comes to your ideas and suggestions for improving our organization and the status of high school basketball. I look forward to serving you. Thank you.
Chris Nimmo
Chris Nimmo reported that our partnership with BARON Championship Rings is due to expire in the next couple months but BARON is very interested in continuing our partnership. As a result the NHSBCA will be finalizing a new agreement in the coming weeks to continue our partnership with BARON. This partnership has been very beneficial for the NHSBCA and committee members stated as a result of our partnership, many individual states have partnered with BARON. BARON has been a great partner for the NHSBCA and leaders are excited to continue to partnership.
Chris also reported the NHSBCA is accepting bids for the 2020 and 2021 Summer Conferences. Some of the criteria for selecting a site is airport accessibility, cost, facilities and entertainment opportunities. All these things are taken into consideration when the NHSBCA evaluates a future site. The committee stated that a few states have expressed interest in hosting but have not yet made an official bid.
Sr. Director of Operations & NABC Board Member: Dave Archer – New York
Dave Archer was been working tirelessly with the NCAA, NABC and the National Federation on the new June NCAA recruiting period. Dave has been participating in conference calls as well as making one-onone calls regarding the guidelines and regulations governing the June period. Many details are still being worked out but progress is being made to establish a platform to which high school coaches, either through coaches associations or state associations will be able to conduct events to help the recruiting process. The idea behind this movement is to get high school coaches back involved with the recruiting process of high school student-athletes.
Dave also explained that many states are moving forward with plans to host such events during these recruiting periods. He explained that there are still a lot of unknowns as to who is going to compile the list of athletes that will be eligible for these events. Dave anticipates mid-October will be the time when many of these questions will be answered.
Dave has also been in regular contact with Jay Demings of USA Basketball on the new proposed June recruiting period. It was determined that we need to continue to work with USA Basketball on measures that help the landscape of high school basketball.
Senior Director of Communication – Rich Czeslawski – Illinois:
Rich Czeslawski has been in negotiations with Luceo Sports on developing a partnership that would provide the NHSBCA a system to help unify states and provide individual members with added value for their membership. Basically Luceo Sports is a software company that specializes in developing technology for athletic organizations. Rich and executive committee members, Greg Grantham (NC), Nalin Soods (WA), Chris Nimmo (MO) and Tom Barrick (OH) participated in a video conference with Andy Graham of Luceo Sports. During the conference Andy explained the benefits and services Luceo would provide. After this indepth presentation, it was decided by the executive committee to pursue further discussion with Luceo. In a nutshell, Luceo is prepared to provide the NHSBCA a platform where state associations can be linked into one network. The benefits of such a system would improve associations at both the national and state levels. Some of the benefits of such a system would be for associations to provide whiteboard access for all members as well as website design, membership registration and marketing tools for state associations.
Rich also explained a partnership between the NHSBCA and Luceo Sports could be a huge financial gain for both the NHSBCA and state associations. Luceo Sports will be able to provide the NHSBCA as well as state organizations with the tools to market their association to more people and businesses in their state and region. Rich stated the NHSBCA will be ready to send out information on this Luceo partnership in the near future.
Secretary/Treasurer – Dave Ginsberg – Michigan
Dave Ginsberg continues to contact states concerning dues and NHSBCA business, and he presented an updated report on association finances. Dave was happy to report that all expenses from the summer conference in Raleigh, NC have been taken care of and the sponsorship commitments we were expecting all came in on time. He stated that plans for next summer’s conference in Seattle, WA have begun, and further explained that the NHSBCA has made a financial deposit on facilities in Seattle to reserve the hotel and meeting room for the summer of 2019. 
Dave also reported that new “Points-of-Pride” has been updated on the association website (www.nhsbca.org).
WBCA Information: Renee Turpa (Board Member) – Indiana
Renee Turpa reported on her involvement with the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA). She explained that the WBCA is working on special membership rates for high school coaches as well as some additional benefits. She also explained there has been a number of personnel changes within the WBCA office and establishing contact with these new people has been challenging. Renee stated there has been some talk of overhauling the “High School Day” at the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four. She is not sure of the details but is eagerly awaiting word as to the changes. Regardless of the changes, Renee expressed a positive outlook on the future of our relationship with the WBCA.
NHSBCA Board Member – Greg Grantham – North Carolina
Greg Grantham gave an update on the devastation that has occurred in North Carolina since our conference in July. In recent weeks, Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc on the Carolinas. Greg reported that areas of the state which have never flooded before were hit by record levels of flooding. The NHSBCA has pledged its support for flood relief in this area. Greg is going to research a few reputable organizations we can make a contribution to. Similar efforts were made by the NHSBCA when Texas and Florida were hit by disaster.
NHSBCA Summer Conference 2019 – Nalin Sood - Washington
Nalin reported the annual NHSBCA post-conference survey has been completed in regards to our conference in Raleigh. The purpose of the survey was to find better ways to address concerns from our member states. The survey allowed NHSBCA leaders to compile suggestions and ideas to structure an even more productive conference in the future.
Nalin also reported that plans for the 2019 Summer Conference in Seattle, WA is well under way. The Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle has been reserved for the 2019 conference. He will be continuing his negotiations on rooms, meals and other details with hotel management in the coming months. He felt the Washington Athletic Club would give the NHSBCA the best opportunity to conduct a great conference for member states.
Nalin also reiterated some NHSBC goals for the 2019-2020 financial year. Those goals included:
  • Defining and developing programs for the new NCAA June Recruiting Period
  • Establishing a better network between the NHSBCA and individual states (Luceo Sports)
  • Defining a roles within the Executive Board (Added responsibilities for Ex. Committee)
  • Re-defining the NHSBCA Budget with the added expenses of travel.
  • Establish procedures for representatives to attend USA Basketball Conference.

Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call October 18, 8:00 pm (Eastern) Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA Conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association business as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally.

NHSBCA Executive Board: Chris Nimmo (President – Missouri), Dave Archer (Senior Director of Operations – New York), Tom Barrick (Vice-President – Ohio), Rich Czeslawski (Director of Development & Communication), Nalin Sood (Past President – Washington), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer – Michigan), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member & WBCA Liaison- Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Don Logan (Board Member Emeritus), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus – North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board Member Emeritus – Indiana) and Tom Hursey (Board Member Emeritus – Michigan)


Written by NHSBCA