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March 2017 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:20:11 PM

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We’re hoping that this finds each of you doing well and enjoying the spring. From Seattle and looking outside on a regular basis, I see the challenges and obstacles that spring sports coaches face with the amount of rainouts we have here - obviously! Not easy for those athletes, families and coaches but what about those poor athletic directors and what they have to deal with! That being said, each and every season and sport presents its own set of worries and problems, but we work through them the best we can and in time they will pass. We are getting closer and closer to our gathering at July’s Indianapolis Congress and are getting more and more excited while also having a lot to prepare for to make the meetings beneficial and productive. This is where each of you come in / our meetings will only be successful if we have as many states and members as possible represented at the table. In the next couple weeks more and more information will be disseminated to your state leaders from the NHSBCA. We hope you take the time to review everything and respond promptly so we can move forward with planning and prepping for a great couple of days professionally and socially in Indianapolis. Best to each of you!

Senior Director of Operations and NABC Board Member - Dave Archer – New York

Dave Archer recently took part in the monthly NABC teleconference. Much of the teleconference was in regards to award recipients, but a portion was about possible experimentation with rules. The possible rules experimentation were similar to the questionnaire sent out by the National Federation (NFHS) earlier this year. These experiments could include, but not be limited to, resetting fouls at each quarter and 2 shots on the 5th team foul of the quarter, quarters over halves, etc.

With the help of Greg Grantham, Dave Archer sent out a survey to member states about ideas for our Summer Meetings. This survey is a Google Doc similar to the one that went out last year. Once in Indianapolis, Dave Archer feels that the entire board needs to “brainstorm” to come up with new and better ways to improve the environment for scholastic coaches. Surveys sent out in advance will assist with this process and the executive board, with the information obtained from these surveys, will have ideas already in place to discuss with the larger board. This will allow the entire NHSBCA to take a stance on important issues.

Secretary/Treasurer - Dave Ginsberg – Michigan

Dave Ginsberg is very happy with the progress of the “Points-of-Pride” piece that appears on the website - nhsbca.org. Missouri & Michigan will be highlighted in April. These “Points of Pride” will be included in the booklet for the Indy meetings. Arizona is regenerating their association led by Matt King. Dave continues to communicate with him, and Matt is planning on being in Indy in July. Dave Ginsberg will send out the “Registration LINK” to our national membership with meeting info, hotel info, dates, etc., soon after Final Four.

2017 NHSBCA Summer Convention – Steve Witty - NHSBCA Exec. Board Member– Indiana:

Steve Witty indicates that everything is good for the July meetings in Indiana. He continues working closely with the Ben Davis High School Broadcasting Dept. The Broadcasting Dept. will be using video and recording “snippets” to use at a later time (Final Fours booth activity, NHSBCA website, etc.) The link for Reservations will be up soon. Greg Grantham is putting together a Google form (much like the one used last year) to make the convention and hotel reservation process very simple for everyone. Dave Ginsberg will send out a personalized note to our membership with an explanation for the July Convention in Indy.

Coach Witty is also looking into possible side trips (excursions) at the summer meetings in Indianapolis. Possible destinations include Hoosier’s Gym in Knightstown, the Indiana Hall of Fame in New Castle, NCAA Hall of Fame in Indy, Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Speedway.

WBCA Information – Renee Turpa – NHSBCA Exec. Board Member – Indiana & Nalin Sood

Nalin Sood announced that Danielle Donehew, WBCA Executive Director, will be addressing our Executive Board on Tuesday July 11th in Indy. Renee will attending the WBCA Final Four in Dallas. She will be a facilitator for the “high school coaches day” at the Women’s Final Four. She will also be speaking at the larger body of the WBCA meeting at the Final Four to discuss the benefits of the NHSBCA to the national basketball community. This is a great step in furthering our relationship with the WBCA. Rick Sherley and the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches is helping Renee and the WBCA with the Women’s’ Final Four preparations.

Final Four Business - Greg Grantham – NHSBCA Exec. Board Member – North Carolina

Greg Grantham has reserved a booth with the NABC for the Final Four in Phoenix. Greg, Rich Czeslawski, and others will operate the booth at the NABC Convention. The social event for HS coaches has been confirmed. The Roundtable is set for Saturday morning of the Final Four @ 8:30 am. This event is run by the NHSBCA.

Nalin Sood – NHSBCA President - Washington –

Speakers for the Indy meetings include a discussion of power ratings for basketball - much like the model used by the NCAA. Jay Demings of USA Basketball (he was scheduled to attend last year, but unfortunately got sick and was unable to be in Kansas City) and Danielle Donehew of the WBCA will be addressing the NHSBCA Executive Board on Tuesday. Invites have also been given to the NCAA and the National Federation, however decision makers from these organizations are the only ones that we truly want/need to hear from. .

Nalin and Dave Archer continue to construct the agenda for the July Congress in Indianapolis. Dave Archer is working to get decision makers to the table and on the agenda for the July meetings. Steve Witty is working with the Ben Davis High School to create video blurbs (30-60 seconds in length). These “video snippets” will be used to share ideas of our membership at various NHSBCA events. Many of you will be asked to take part in these in Indianapolis.

Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call – April 17th, 2017 / 8 pm (Eastern) Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association matters as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally.

NHSBCA Executive Board – Nalin Sood (President - Washington), Dave Archer (Senior Director of and Communication), Don Logan (Past President – Iowa), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer - Michigan), Tom Barrick (Ad Hoc Board member - Ohio), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member and WBCA liaison – Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus - North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board member Emeritus - Indiana), and Tom Hursey / Board member Emeritus - Michigan).


Written by NHSBCA