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January 2017 Newsletter

By NHSBCA on Jan 23, 2019 4:19:23 PM

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Hope that this finds you all doing well and now recovered from a great holiday season. Many of us are knee-deep in our basketball seasons but hopefully enjoying more than just the wins and not anguishing too much about the losses. There is so much more to the game than that and hopefully many of you realize that. Within our basketball program we recently lost a dear and loyal friend this past weekend, one who is irreplaceable. The one thing Mr. Bauer always told me was about this statement exactly. He was always there, in the stands, supporting our kids and coaches and doing so because “it is more than just the wins and losses.” I look forward to sharing this at his upcoming memorial. The NHSCBA has been typically busy…busy working for you-the coaches. Whether it is discussion about RPI’s, state tournaments, new basketball-related technology, increasing member states, fair treatment of high school coaches, etc., we are always trying to serve our members and make our sport even better! Wishing you the best as you move forward this season.

Senior Director of Operations and NABC Board Member - Dave Archer – New York

Dave Archer with the help of Greg Grantham (a former president of the NHSBCA and current NHSBCA Executive Board Member) continue to work on the Google survey that was sent out to state leaders. They have compiled and completed responses to the first 2 of the 4 questions that were asked and will soon have questions 3 & 4 finalized. Dave has also been working with Matt Williams.

Work on the Fair Treatment document continues as Dave and the executive board are continually looking to tweak and proofread the document. In his dealings with the NABC, things are proceeding slowly due to the recent holiday season. Dave (and other members of the NHSBCA executive board) are looking to make inroads with the AAU and hope to have them at the summer meetings in Indianapolis.

Director of Development and Communication - Rich Czeslawski – Illinois

Rich Czeslawski has the latest “Points-of-Pride from Ohio and Oregon are up on the website. These pieces are outstanding additions to the website and let coaching association leaders and coaches in general know what is taking place in other states around the nation. Rich will be creating an official NHSBCA document to include these documents from each state (Points of Pride) to be included in the summer meetings in Indy. All of the “Points-of-Pride will soon be archived on the NHSBCA website as well. This endeavor will be completed after the first cycle of each member state has been completed. Please continue to check out nhsbca.org for the latest updates.

Analytic analysis between Rich and the new group in charge of our website continue. The number of hits/visits on the site has continued to grow. He is looking for more ways to drive more people to it. Rich will tweet “Points-of-Pride” business to increase the number of hits to the website. He has added an excerpt from the recent NABC Time Out Magazine titled “The Four Mentors You Need.”

Rich also continues to work with Jay Demings of USA Basketball. The NHSBCA logo will soon be added to the “Youth Guidelines” page of USA Basketball page showing that we endorse USA basketball. This endorsement was discussed at the 2016 Summer Meetings in Kansas City. The NCAA is starting to mandate this certification process for Spring and Summer basketball events. With this endorsement and coaches completing the certification process, the liability insurance dramatically drops the fees on insurance for coaches running camps and other events. 

Secretary/Treasurer - Dave Ginsberg – Michigan

Secretary/Treasurer Dave Ginsberg shared the news that Wisconsin’s summer event is unfortunately not going to be a go. In his discussions with Ken Barrett of Wisconsin there was just not the level of interest in the event that was needed to make it feasible for states interested in attending. Also, many questions have arisen in regards to the legality of the event. For many states attending the event violates the laws and regulations of their state athletic associations. Dave also continues to collect dues from member states and other accounting issues for the NHSBCA.

2017 NHSBCA Summer Convention – Steve Witty - NHSBCA Exec. Board Member– Indiana:

Preparations continue for the Summer Convention in Indianapolis. NHSBCA Executive Board member Steve Witty is finalizing the reservation process. Rich Czeslawski will be creating a page (similar to what the NABC uses for their convention) to be used for the July NHSBCA meetings. Final preparations will be accomplished during the executive board meeting in February. Look for information to be sent to state leaders in Mid-March after all final details are arranged/worked out. The Summer Convention will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Indianapolis on July 11, 12, 13.

NHSBCA President - Nalin Sood - Washington

NHSBCA President Nalin Sood discussed Scorebook Live. The consensus of President Sood and the NHSBCA is that the process will take time. Coaches, who are using it, like it. However, those using the app are also still keeping a paper scorebook. Some officials associations and state association are still requiring that the paper book be the official book. Most coaches who are using the program really like it, but some coaches are facing the problem of needing to pay a person to run the app in addition to a paper scorebook and that school ADs must also be a supporter of Scorebook Live. The consensus of most NHSBCA executive board members is that the process will take time.

WBCA Information - Renee Turpa – NHSBCA Exec. Board Member – Indiana

NHSBCA Executive Board Member Renee Turpa will be a participant on the WBCA Conference call on January 22nd. The WBCA is sponsoring a high school event at the upcoming WBCA Final Four. NHSBCA board member Rick Sherley (Texas) is assisting the WBCA in running the convention. The WBCA Convention is being held in Dallas from March 30-April 2nd. Renee and President Nalin Sood both believe that WBCA President Danielle Donehew will be in attendance at, along with another WBCA staff member possibly, at the Summer Convention in Indianapolis. Donahew was in attendance at the summer convention two summers ago in Las Vegas. Renee, Nalin Sood, and other members of the NHSBCA continue to work to develop the NHSBCA’s relationship with the WBCA.

Tom Hursey – NHSBCA Executive Board Member - Michigan:

Michigan has suspended its highly popular “Showcase” event for Division 1 coaches. NCAA restrictions have put it currently out of business. To be certified with the NCAA, scholastic coaches have to pay $80-$90 out of their own pocket for NCAA background checks, all the while theses coaches have already been certified by the MHSAA and their own school district’s background checks. Many coaches in Michigan feel the scholastic coaches are being lumped in with those that the NCAA is attempting to keep out! The same struggle is also being encountered by Steve Witty and in the state of Indiana. Both Michigan and Indiana are trying to sell the “educational” aspect of our events. There is hope that USA Basketball may soon handle the certification process of these events along with the State athletic associations will be assisting.

Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call – February 19th, 2017 / 8 pm (Eastern) Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association matters as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally.

NHSBCA Executive Board – Nalin Sood (President - Washington), Dave Archer (Senior Director of and Communication), Don Logan (Past President – Iowa), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer - Michigan), Tom Barrick (Ad Hoc Board member - Ohio), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member and WBCA liaison – Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus - North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board member Emeritus - Indiana), and Tom Hursey / Board member Emeritus - Michigan).


Written by NHSBCA