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NHSBCA x Ballogy Virtual Clinic

By NHSBCA on Mar 23, 2023 12:47:27 PM

The NHSBCA has partnered with Ballogy to remove any guesswork in a coach’s job and make player development and team success easier to track and measure.

Join us on Sunday, April 16 at 6pm CDT to learn an easy and effective way to build out a player development plan for your athletes during the off-season.

The 45-minute virtual clinic will feature Matt Sayman, Head Coach of Grapevine Faith School, author of The Leftovers, and host of the Jamodi Podcast. Matt will share his insights and best practices for promoting accountability and discipline utilizing the Ballogy platform. You will also receive a demonstration on the Ballogy app and how the product works in real-time.

To register for the clinic, please click on the link below and follow the instructions:

NHSBCA Player Development Virtual Clinic Registration

We look forward to your participation in this virtual clinic and to your continued success as a basketball coach.




Written by NHSBCA