The NHBCO continues to make a commitment to grow as an organization. The past three years the organization’s officers have traveled to the NHSBCA National Conventions in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and to Indianapolis in 2017. Many great ideas have come out of these trips.

Last year the NHBCO converted all state ballots to electronic voting. We had nearly 98% of the state’s coach’s vote on line. This helped for accuracy and consistency in the way the ballots were filled out. Now in our second year of online balloting, voters have been able to nominate their players, and the transition seems status quo.

The executive board voted overwhelmingly to cancel our senior games with Vermont and focus on our own in state senior game. The thought was we can do something special for our 96 seniors across the state in all four divisions. We will, for the first time, have a division 1 & 2 BlueGray game followed by division 3 & 4 Blue-Gray game. Both female and male teams will compete in the four games. These will take place the Sunday after the state championship games have been completed and will be held at NHTI College. During half-times of each game, coaches and players will be honored for All-State, Coach-of-the Year, Mr. and Ms. Basketball, Jack Ford recipients, and teams who had perfect seasons. The idea again was to promote basketball in our own state by recognizing these individuals at this event.

Coming out of the NHSCBA conference last year, our goal was to clean up the website. Our new webmaster, Rob Fauci, has spent countless hours organizing and giving the site a new facelift. If you have a minute check it out.

In closing, New Hampshire is very excited to continue to be a member of the NHSBCA, and we are looking forward to the annual meeting in Raleigh this summer.

Respectively submitted / NHBCO Officers: David Chase-President, Tim Latorra-Vice President, Cassie Turcotte-Treasurer, and Jamie Hayes -Secretary.